fontaine contemporary is the new section of fontaine b. 

Developing the idea of enhancing the awareness about the main artistic tendencies of the last decades while establishing collaborations with galleries, institutions and private entities, fontaine contemporary has been created with the purpose of connecting the artistic heritage of the masters with the contemporary art scene. 

fontaine contemporary is conceived as a group of artists, a dynamic segment, selected in order to deliver a new interpretation of their artistic production in reference to (and not necessarily inspired by!) the work of artists, which characterized the art history of the last fifty years. 

By promoting, organizing and curating shows in European capitals, fontaine contemporary conceives and presents periodic exhibitions. 
Each of them exhibits a journey through which rare pieces, editions and multiples of the fontaine b. selection are set in dialogue with chosen works of invited artists. 

Moreover, and with the goal of creating an art community, fontaine contemporary conceives, develops, promotes and presents different projects such as group exhibitions, happenings, panels, artist talks and publications, encouraging the dialogue between artistic movements and periods. 

We are not representing the artists, we are rather presenting a metaphor of the dialogue between past and present, a reevaluation, an alternative point of view, a vivid interpretation. 

fontaine contemporary works on the in-between while building parallels and suggesting new interlaced references. 

We are delighted to work under the esteemed mentorship of Vadim Zakharov.     


Maya Attoun

Claudia Chaseling

Vanessa Enriquez

Mia Gourvitch

Zhang Huan

Hans Peter Kuhn

Sebastian Kusenberg

Milovan Destil Markovic

Henrik Strömberg

Junko Wada

Vadim Zakharov

Ireen Zielonka  

Claudia Chaseling


Vanessa Enriquez