What does fontaine b. do? 

fontaine b. is an entity which operates on the art market selling works belonging to art movements Avant-garde, Transavantgarde, Fluxus, Dada, Arte Povera, Viennese Actionism. Our expertise are rare works, special editions and multiples signed by masters. Besides being an active player in the art market, fontaine b. offers a range of services such as curation, production of exhibitions, creation of textual content.

Can I buy a work?


How can I buy a work?

fontaine b. functions as a classic art market entity, positioning itself in between a gallery and independent dealers. We curate exhibitions presenting our artists, as well as collaborate with contemporary artists. All works we are exhibiting in a physical space are for sale. In addition to the works we exhibit, we also hold a vast collection of works for sale. 

Should you be interested in an artist in particular, please send us an email, and we will be able to inform you regarding the availability and the choice, as well as provide you wider selection of suitable works. 

Please note that fontaine b. is dealing with works of high investment potential. Should you be interested in investing, please send us an email so we can suggest you a selection and advise you on a wider range of works and/or artists.  

Where does fontaine b. source out the works? 

fontaine b. partners up with archives, foundations, museums, estates and sources out works designated for market placement. 

Can I arrange a view of the work?

Generally – yes. However please contact us directly with this request as many of the works we are dealing with are of high historical value and could at the time of your request be part of an exhibition. Your request would therefore take some time.  

Can I return the work?

According to the European Law, you are able to return the work in the state it was shipped or delivered to you (i.e. undamaged) in the first 14 days after purchase or delivery. Please note that with each sale we provide a personalized contract of sale, which you will be able to review prior to purchasing. 

How does the payment process take place?

All payments should take place via traceable bank wire transfer.  

Will I have the provenance and certificate of authenticity? Are the works authentic?

Yes and yes. Please contact us in order for us to provide you all the information and all the related documentation.